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How are invitations to an event managed?
How are invitations to an event managed?
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The platform will manage all invitations, reminders, and follow-up thank you emails. To schedule an event simply create one on the website, input the details, and show up.

A few things to note:
• A series of invites begin to go out 21 days beforehand
• If your event is posted less than 21 days in advance, the system will skip emails. i.e. An event put in 20 days in advance will not have a 21-day invite, but will still receive 14-day, 7-day, etc.
• All members will be automatically invited
• Once a member RSVPs, they won't get additional invites, but will get 2 reminders closer to the event.
• Only send separate invites if you're inviting new colleagues who are not members. We want to avoid situations where all the board members and the system are emailing the same people numerous time.
• Details from the event will populate the invite, so make sure to create an interesting title, a detailed short description, and include an accurate address.

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