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How do I create an event?
How do I create an event?
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As a board member you can schedule your TALK group’s next event in a few simple steps.  

To get started, click the New Event button on the events page.

To schedule an event, enter your event details (title, date and time, description, etc.), and submit your event for approval.  

The approval process typically takes less than 24 hours.  Once approved your event will be available on the web page for members of your chapter to RSVP. A series of automated invites will begin going out via email 3 weeks prior to the event.

Event details

Title (required)
A good title should introduce your event topic and encourage people to show up.

Date and start time (required)
Choose a start date and time and select the duration of your event (1 hr, 2 hr, etc.). The end time will be created automatically.

Featured photo
A featured photo will display on your event page. Images are best viewed if they have a 16:9 ratio. DO NOT include event information such at dates, times, addresses in the photo. The photo is visible to non-members, and including details about your event will result in "gate-crashers" like agencies and TA vendors showing up.

Photo files should be either JPEG, PNG, or non-animated GIF under 10Mb. Horizontal (landscape) photos that are at least 1200 x 675 pixels fit best.

Description (required)
Start with an overall description of the topic, any speakers, or any sponsors. You can use the bullets or lists to format a basic agenda, as attendees generally like to know what to expect prior to the event.

Location (required)
Give your members an address to find your event. 

Parking Information
Most venues (especially business locations) will have specific information about visitor parking or security desk info.

Shortened Description (required)
This should be a one or two sentence summary of the event. Don't include the full agenda like the description above. This shortened description will be automatically featured in places where the full agenda would not fit, such as the event invites and the preview of the event online.

Co-Hosts (required)
The event’s creator is designated as the event host by default, but any other board member in the chapter can be an event co-host. We recommend including other board members who are physically hosting the event at their facility.

Selecting a host gives members a point of contact should they have questions about the event.

If there is more than one host, they will be selected at random to appear in the signature of the invites.

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