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How do I check people into an event?
How do I check people into an event?
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As a board member you will be responsible for checking in guests to your event. 

Accurately checking in guests ensures that the proper post-event communications are emailed. This is absolutely critical for a number of reasons. 

On the day of an event you will be able to begin the process by clicking the “Start” button that appears in the Event Card. Note this will only be clickable on the day of the event.

Once in the Check In area, you will be able to check in attendees by finding their name and clicking the blue “Check In” button in the left hand column.

Please Note: The check in list defaults to people who have RSVP’d “Yes” but have not yet checked in.  You can modify who is visible in the list by searching or filtering above the table of guests, and pressing "Go".  

The filter options include whether the person has already been checked in or not: “Not yet checked in” and “Checked in”.  You can also filter to see all the people in the chapter who have not responded to the event invitation by filtering to “No Reply,” or “Declined.”

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