Updating Your Email

You can update your professional and personal emails and choose where you'll receive event invites and notifications.

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Update Your Email

You can update both your professional and personal contact details by logging in and clicking on your profile picture in the upper righthand corner of the site. Click "My Profile" from the dropdown.

Once in the Account Settings page, you'll see both your personal and professional details on the lefthand side of the screen. You can update your emails where highlighted below.

Choose where you want to receive notifications

You can choose a primary email address where you'll receive event invites forum notifications and other site communications.

On the Account Settings page, you'll notice your Notification Settings on the righthand side of the page.

Why does TALK collect both professional and personal emails?

At TALK, we strive for a sales free environment, only allowing in-house TA/HR professionals to join. Verifying professional emails (issued by your company) during the application process allows for us to ensure that vendors, agencies, and consultants do not infiltrate the group to try and sell our membership. This way, members can be worry free in knowing that they are among peers as they connect, collaborate, and share best practice.

However, in these mobile times, people are just as mobile. Careers are fluid, and people tend to change jobs every so often. This means a professional email addresses are not permanent. We'd hate to lose touch with our members just because they've moved jobs. So, we collect personal emails (Gmails, Yahoos, etc.), to make sure you're always kept up to date about events and discussion on the platform.

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