Create and take polls on TALK!

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You can now create and vote on polls on TALK! Ask National or your Chapter questions to learn their opinions, and take polls from other members.

You can find all polls and create your own by clicking on Polls in the top nav bar.

To create a poll, click on "Create Poll" in the upper right hand corner of the page. Each poll can have 2 to 10 options for members to choose as a response, and the poll can either be single or multi-select! You can also choose whether this poll goes to National, or just to your own chapter.

You can take polls from your Polls page, or from the newsfeed! To take a poll, click on the option you want to vote for. If it is a multi-select, you will need to click "submit" for your vote to go through. Once you vote, you will see a graph of the results and you can always click "undo" to take the poll again. You can filter your polls by National and your Chapter, as well as New (polls you have not taken yet) and Completed (polls you have taken).

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