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What account should I sign up for?
What account should I sign up for?
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Welcome to TALK! There are a couple of different account options depending on you and your company.

Internal TA/HR Professional

This option is only open to corporate TA/HR professionals with a verifiable company email address and a LinkedIn profile confirming their role.

This free membership enables you to connect with over 10,000 TA/HR professionals to share best practices, improve your business processes, take polls, attend local events/webinars, network, and make new friends. You can also browse reviews of agencies and vendors, but they cannot see your profile or reach out to you.

Agency Recruiter

This option is for those who work at an agency and would like to be listed in the Agency Directory.

This free account allows you to build your profile and be seen by thousands of companies that are looking for specialized recruiting services. Showcase your unique skill set, areas of expertise, and geographic coverage to a thriving community made up of your future clients.

Non-TA Professional

This option is for those who are at a hiring company, but work in a division outside of TA or HR.

This free membership enables you to access the TALK Agency Directory! Remove the guesswork when selecting your next agency partner. Browse and filter the profiles of specialized agency recruiters to find the exact right recruiter to fill your open roles based on their areas of expertise, reviews, and ratings.

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